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Formerly under the name Film 1st, Glasshouse Productions exists to harness the best filmmaking qualities that the UK has to offer in terms of talent, location and cost.

By taking advantage of EIS & SEIS government backed tax initiatives we are working to develop an eclectic slate both independently and in collaboration with like-minded filmmakers in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US.



02. EVE



    Entanglement will be our next feature production. Entanglement is a post-modern haunted house thriller in which there are no such things as ghosts.

    Production is scheduled for autumn 2015.

  2. 02. Eve

    Eve is a dark comedy about Jehovah's Witnesses, friendship and young love set in Liverpool.

    Developed with an exciting mix of established and up-and-coming cast and crew, Glasshouse Productions is currently in the process of raising the production budget.


    A futuristic, noir thriller that is rooted in our current predicament as a society, Underclass is the story of a new form of national service-style eduction.

    Fifty years from now, a serial killer student prowls the city-size superschool. A young Prefect must lead the hunt and stop the killing.


EIS offers huge tax incentives to UK residents.
Film is one of the select industries currently eligible.

SEIS is designed to assist in
the development of feature projects.

Collaboration is central to our ethos.
Film 1st is always open to new filmmaking partnerships.

  1. 01. EIS

    Enterprise Investment Scheme.

    We are fully certified with HMRC to raise finance on our debut feature film EVE through the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

    More information on EIS can be found here.

  2. 02. SEIS

    Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

    The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme fund allows us to put our slate of planned feature films through development with a view to obtaining full EIS status, or by going into production with the co-operation of the major UK film funding bodies.

    More information on SEIS can be found here.

  3. 03. Co-production


    For more information on ENTANGLEMENT, EVE and UNDERCLASS, as well as the short films that we produce, send us an email.

    We welcome interest from other companies or individuals in any of our projects, and we are receptive to practical and financial contributions from co-production partners.

Latest Work.

01. Pro

02. Schrödinger's Waltz


  1. 01. Pro

    Thomas Ryder, star player for Liverpool Football Club and captain of the Irish national football team, becomes embroiled in mishaps involving Twitter, his agent, a girl, a stalker and an unfortunate injury.
    Watch | Year 2012

  2. 02. Schrödinger's Waltz

    Inside the experiment, inside the box. A human woman is trapped inside a container. Dead and alive.
    Coming Soon | Year 2015

  3. 03. NATIVE

    Cane and Eva are scientists, selected to travel across the universe to the source of a distant transmission and potential life. As they travel further from home, and further into the isolation of deep space, they begin to question their place in the universe.
    In Post-Production | Year 2015


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Glasshouse Productions makes films written by Neil Atkinson and Daniel Fitzsimmons and directed by Daniel Fitzsimmons. You can visit his website here.

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